Isham Beauty Solutions is an organisation focused on Empowering Women through specialised workshops,luxurious bath and beauty products and events to enhance the totality of a woman from within. The word “Isham” which means beauty, and depicts the focus of our business, has its origin from the Kagoro Language in Northern Nigeria.
In line with its primary focus of total beauty, the company is also involved with Fashion & Style in Africa through its annual fair. Thereby, creating a space for emerging designers, and creativity in the market place. We run quarterly programs titled "Intimate Matters" a forum focused on women. These workshops promote self-discovery by encouraging African women to expand their focus on self-esteem, social causes and tailor such to enlighten and cater for Women’s personal needs, their life balance and relationships.
Inspired by the need to appreciate the uniqueness of the African woman, build her confidence and potentials. Isham was launched in 2007, to provide the highest quality products, services and platform for women.