Intimate Matters

Is a workshop which focuses on women's issues. Hence, work-life balance, sex & relationships, self-discovery, grooming, mentoring, beauty and skin care. “Intimate Matters Sex Workshop” is the quarterly workshop designed for a limited number from 30 - 35 persons. Generally, this workshop focuses on the “Art” of being a woman, loving it as well as being good at it irrespective of your status i.e. whether a home maker, business woman or a lady trying to find her place. The limited number of expected participants is set so low to enable us inform and efficiently make an impact. The essence is to build confident women on both personal and professional fronts, give insight on sex and everything that makes it a worthwhile experience with the help of our team of professional consultants. This forum also addresses personal challenges from lingerie, to bath therapy, to spa & body treatments, traditional aids, etiquette, role modelling etc. The aim is to ensure that women leave the workshop with more knowledge, new tips and tricks and make new acquaintances as well. We usually have sales of products discussed and independent vendors who reserve exhibition booths so women can buy some of the items discussed at discounted rates.